Nature Based Pre-school Opening in St. Charles

I fondly remember as a young child being shooed out the door to go outside and play.  My siblings and I spent days creating leaf houses, looking at the bugs that were living on the underside of the leaves, and laying on the ground looking at the sky picking out clouds and creating stories about them.  As a child, I loved playing and learning outdoors.  Alas, today’s children don’t seem to have as many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and Saginaw Intermediate School District partners,  Head Start/Early Head Start, Great Start Readiness Program, and Hartley Outdoor Education Center, set out to change this for some very lucky youngsters residing in Saginaw County.

Murphy Farm Classroom

Saginaw ISD leaders started to dream about establishing a nature based preschool experience over a year ago.  Well, they put their passion and energy together and found the perfect location at one of Saginaw ISD’s facilities in St. Charles.  Saginaw ISD is pleased to share that a local youngster recently cut the ribbon–marking the official opening of the Murphy Farm Head Start Nature Preschool program. The SISD Early Childhood team applied and received a grant from Saginaw Community Foundation so that children get to enjoy the outdoor learning experience rain or shine. Funds from the grant are purchasing head to toe rain gear for the youngsters.

Nature Preschool Ribbon Cutting 2

The next dream for Saginaw ISD is to create a Nature Preschool in an urban setting. Anyone interested in moving this vision to reality should contact Kathy Stewart, Saginaw ISD Superintendent ( Kathy is thinking that there might be space at the former Saginaw Fairgrounds to locate a couple of nature based Head Start/Early Head Start Preschool classrooms.  Let’s introduce as many children as possible to the outdoor world of learning!

Murphy Farm Preschool Open House