Midland Center for the Arts 2017-2018 Education at the Center

Midland  Center for the Arts has been very busy planning and preparing a season of educational programs that will help teachers make new exciting connection to their current curriculum. Here are a few things they have added:

Sparks!Lab Smithsonian- The A.B. Dow Museum. Spark!Lab is a place where creation and collaboration meets! Participants will use their knowledge to be inventors, they will be provided materials and open ended challenges; like make a device to help clean up the plastic in the ocean. This space allows your First Attempt In Learning (F.A.I.L) to be fun and challenging.

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Student Matinee Performances: This year the Midland Center of the Arts are back and highly anticipated. The Light wire Theater’s Dino-Light incorporates STEM and theatre into an incredible experience. Teacher/Study guides will be provided for exhibits for appropriate performances when they are available.

Midland Center for the Arts also incorporated:

  • Onsite Programs
  • Bus Reimbursement Programs
  • Backstage Experience and Exploration
  • Special Exhibition Tours
  • Art and Science Adventures
  • History coming to life
  • Teacher Events and Professional Development
  • And, Additional Programs for a variety of grade levels.

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