Middle School Math Pilot Project!

Over the past two weeks the Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance invited funders to visit several of the Middle School Math Pilot Projects to see the added opportunities our students and teachers participated in this year due to generous donations from Dow Chemical, Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe, Dow Corning, Nexteer, Bay Area Community Foundation, Saginaw Community Foundation, Midland Community Foundation, Mt. Pleasant Community Foundation, Gratiot-Isabella RESD and Clare-Gladwin RESD. 


It was exciting to see the impact that a regionally coordinated effort can have.  Final data on the projects won’t be compiled until July, but preliminary indications are that the programs have been quite successful in developing math skills and confidence in students while teachers have enhanced their instructional strategies leading to a positive  impact on students for years to come.

 Thank you to everyone who supported this effort and to the organizations  who were awarded funding in the first year of this project:

 Gratiot-Isabella RESD

Carrollton Middle School

Handy Middle School

Saginaw Valley State University

Freeland Middle School

Cramer Junior High School