STEM Summer Internship 2018

MSU Extension

Application Deadline: April 15th, 2018

Participant selection notification: May 11, 2018

The STEM Internship is a paid opportunity for high school juniors (entering their senior year in 2018) to be mentored by MSU scientists in chemical and material sciences to learn a modern computer programming language.

The internships is a paid $11 hours, is eight weeks longs, 40- hours per week, and runs from June 25 to August 17, 2018.

Selected applicants will have the opportunity to work on one of the following projects, based on their selected interest during the application process:

• Battery – New compounds that prevent overcharging of lithium batteries or permit development of novel liquid batteries

• Water – Water Purification: Removal of fluoride and other natural contaminants from drinking water using technology that does not require electricity

• Hydrolysis – Polymer intra-conversion via hydrolysis for gene transfection applications

• Acids – Organic chemistry: Evaluation of various Lewis acids for their ability to catalyze specific reactions

• Miticides – Saving honey bees from varroa mites with controlled-release miticides: New delivery technology

• Bees – Saving honey bees from varroa mites with controlled-release miticides: Bee survivability in the presence of miticides

• Sensors – Designing sensors and fabrication with 3D printing technology: Environmental chemicals

• 3D Print – 3D printing and characterization of novel composites containing carbon nano-particles

• Chromatography – Organic compound purification and catalysis: Using novel purification techniques to purify an organic compound and determine effect on a catalyst

• Programming 1 – Computer programming with focus on interactive games

• Programming 2 – Computer programming with focus on Bayesian statistical analysis

• Programming 3 – Computer programming with focus on RFID/barcode logistics support application

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Interested students and teachers may contact Melanie Kauffman at (517) 432-4499 or for further information.

MSU St. Andrews is located at 1910 West St. Andrews Rd, Midland, MI, 48640

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