Health Source Saginaw: Mental Health Technician (MHT) PT, FT

Health Source Saginaw

It is the mission of HealthSource Saginaw, to restore persons we serve to meaningful lifestyles by providing select, innovative, efficient services in a coordinated continuum of care. Services include: Medical Rehabilitation Center, which provides both Inpatient and Outpatient services. Medical Rehabilitation is designed to assist individuals with disabling conditions in rebuilding and maintaining their lifestyles.

Position Type
Full Time, Part Time
Desired Class Level(s)
Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Alumni, Graduate-1st year, Graduate-2nd year, Graduate-3rd year, Non-Degree

Under close supervision of the Registered Nurse, the Mental Health Technician participates in the assessment, intervention, planning and evaluation of patient-centered needs based on patient behaviors. Performs direct patient care tasks in accordance with treatment plan and under direction of a professional nurse. Assists in providing a safe and therapeutic environment according to established policies and procedures.

Department: Behavioral Medicine Center

Schedule: Part-time (16hours/week)

Shift: 2nd (3:00 pm – 11:30 pm)

3rd (11:00 pm – 7:30 am)

1. Responsibilities to the patient:

A. Maintains a therapeutic milieu on the unit.
1. Upholds the established philosophy of the Behavioral Health Services programs.
2. Guides and assists patients in maintaining rules and regulations of unit.
3. Makes rounds to observe, assess and monitor patient’s behaviors.
4. Reports unusual behavior/physical symptoms to the appropriate nurse.
5. Utilizes empathy and communication skills to establish therapeutic relationships with patients.
6. Assists patients with activities of daily living (personal hygiene, bathing, toileting, grooming, bed making etc.) as needed.
7. Intervenes in disruptive/destructive patient situations through utilization of appropriate management techniques.
8. Performs simple nursing tasks e.g. vital signs, collection of specimens.
9. Assists in organizing therapeutic and recreational activities for assigned patients; may facilitate/co-facilitate such activities…
10. Promotes and encourages patient attendance at all groups and program activities.
11. Orients new patients to the unit and program.
12. May provide leadership/co-leadership for patient groups e.g. goals group, community meeting, current events, etc.
13. Maintains safety on the unit.
14. Assists in maintaining a comfortable, attractive and sanitary unit environment.
15. Interacts with patients on 1:1 basis, working toward outcomes identified on the treatment plan.

B. Maintains patient safety off the unit.
1. Escorts patients on ground pass or to other areas of Facility for tests/procedures and on trips outside the Facility.

2. Responsibilities to patient’s families
a. Communicates therapeutically with families.
b. Explains unit rules and regulations to families at time of patient’s admission; and/or later, if also indicated.
c. Monitors, observes and assesses client/family interactions and reports unusual situations to charge nurse/intervenes in disruptive situations to maintain safety for all.

3. Responsibilities to the Physician/Interdisciplinary Team
a. Documents appropriate, pertinent information on patient’s chart in a clear, concise, timely manner with focus on treatment plan problems.
b. Communicates unusual situations/behavior to nurse so physician can be kept informed.
c. Responsible for bringing information, problems, ideas to the Interdisciplinary Care Planning Conferences or to the Team Conference Nurse.
d. Carries out the patient care plan in a correct, timely manner.

4. Responsibilities to the Unit, Unit Staff and Facility Staff
a. Performs assigned routine tasks (e.g. serving trays, cleaning kitchen, soiled linen disposal) in a safe, sanitary and efficient manner.
b. Reports any hazards or needed repairs to charge nurse/ designee.
c. Assists in crises situations on unit or in other areas of Facility, as requested.
d. Utilizes effective intradepartmental communication skills so staff work efficiently and effectively as a team.
e. Serves as resource person and assists in orientation of new staff, student
nurses, etc. through a structured and unstructured process.
f. Assists employees from other Facility departments in the performance of their duties on the unit (e.g. lab technicians collecting specimens).
g. Communicates with other staff concerning new policy and procedures needed and informs them of changes needed in existing policy and procedures.

5. Responsibilities to himself/herself
a. Attends all yearly mandatory in-services.
b. Attends continuing education programs and courses for self-improvement.
c. Attends the minimum of six (6) staff meetings a year.

6. Responsibilities to the Facility
a. Adheres to established policies of the facility and department.
b. Will support and, as appropriate, participate in the Quality Management Process.
c. Performs other duties as assigned.

  • Work requires ability to read, write legibly and to speak clear English.
  • Must have interpersonal skills to establish therapeutic relationships with emotionally disturbed and/or chemically dependent patients and to communicate and work effectively with patients and staff.
  • A successful candidate must have at least 2 years of behavioral health experience or 10 – 20 college credits preferably with a significant number of the college credits in behavioral sciences.

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