The DOW Ambassador program allows schools and organizations access to Dow professional who share their interests and expertise with area students, local teachers and their communities. Through the Dow STEM Ambassadors program, your neighbors from Dow can help Ignite excitement in STEM education and careers that will fuel exciting futures.

STEM Programs Available

STEM Ambassadors can provide a variety of programs, all designed to help prepare students for 21st century jobs. The types of programs offered include:

  • Hands-on classroom activities
  • Career talks
  • Demonstrations
  • Project-based learning
  • Mentoring
  • Teacher support

Combining Passion and Education

Dow employees bring their passion and technical knowledge directly to students and teachers. Just as importantly, the STEM Ambassador program ensures that content presented by employees is both engaging and reflects appropriate curriculum standards. Dow’s dedication to excellence is possible because of our partnership with education experts like the Smithsonian Science Education Center.

Benefits for Students and Teachers

Dow’s STEM Ambassador program offers resources and coordination¬† to help make it east for schools and teachers to welcome employees and help strengthen STEM education in their communities. This dynamic personal interaction offers many benefits:


Experience the excitement of STEM topics

Engage in real-world science

Participate in hands-on activities

Interact with STEM professionals

Learn about possible future careers


Develop skills by working with STEM professionals

Share in professional and curriculum-appropriate STEM programs

Receive classroom support

Introduce additional STEM-knowledgeable voices and perspectives to students

To learn more about the STEM Ambassador program, contact:

Stacie Allen, and Solutions Manager, at 989-638-8507 or