Bay City Public Schools Common K-12 STEM Experiences

“Everything we do is very hands-on, which gets kids very excited and motivated to learn more about science, and possibly pursue a STEM career.”    – Brian Smith, Foundry in a Box

Our community is rich with willing volunteers and businesses who come into Bay City Public School classrooms and share their knowledge and experience in the world of STEM.   In an attempt to better organize those “Random Acts of STEM” presentations, Bay City developed a common experience plan for all classrooms in K-8 this school year.  The idea was to attempt to be more consistent with the presentations students experience across the district.   Thanks to that effort, all students in each grade from K-8 experienced at least one common STEM presentation from somewhere in the community this school year.  (Approximately 5,300 students in grades K-8)  Given the success of these offerings and collaborations, the district will be sustaining the partnerships listed above, and will be expanding the experiences students are able to see with more organizations such as the Michigan Blood Bank, Bay County Mosquito Control, the Michigan State Police, and Bay Sail.  Thank you to all of the volunteers who bring hands-on STEM experiences into Bay City Public School classrooms!!

K- “Recycling” with Dow Ambassadors

1- “Magnetic Metals” with Dow Ambassadors

2- “Escaping Predation” with Dow Ambassadors

3- “Invasive Species” with Bay City State Park

4- “Empowered Kids” with Consumers Energy

5- “UV Beads” with Dow Ambassadors

6- “Bald Eagle Lessons” with Bay City State Park

6- “Smithsonian Energy” with Dow Ambassadors

7- “Foundry in a Box” with American Foundry Society

8- “Evolution of the Atmosphere” with American Chemical Society

6-8 STEM Courses – Delta STEM Explorer Bus

Project Lead the Way – “Geographic Information Systems” with Bay County GIS Professionals